Studio Solo Championship Information


Skill Levels:

ALL entries should be entered in the appropriate skill level based on the discretion and help of your studio director or dance teacher.  Below is a “GUIDELINE” to help you enter your soloist/duo/trio in the correct skill level … HOWEVER, use your best judgement and it is on your honor that your dancer is competing fairly.  Regardless if there are triple/quad pirouette and other “advanced” skills in their routine, if your dancer is competing with an advanced level group/company this year, then you should enter his/her routine in the advanced skill level.  Again, just use your best judgement.  As Dancers progress year to year, be sure to also advance them in the skill level you enter them in. 



Novice/Beginning Level:  For those dancers who are first time competitors and/or are dancers with limited turn, leap, kick, etc…. capabilities. For example – single pirouettes, chaine turns, basic leaps, simple kicks, basic locomotor skills.  NO a le seconde turns or fouette turns allowed.

NOTE:  If you are the recipient of the Over-All HIGH POINT award in the Beginning Division, then you must move up to Intermediate skill level for next year’s competition:-)


Intermediate Level: For those dancers who have a couple years or more experience/dance training and can execute more intermediate level skills.  For example – Double or triple pirouettes, pique turns, simple turn combinations (which include a le seconde turns with leg extended in seconde position… more than 5 consecutive rotations allowed in any turn combination for Intermediate skill level), jete leaps, side leaps, back leaps, stag leaps, and a variety of jumps are allowed.  No switch leaps or switch tilts allowed at this skill level.  

NOTE:  If you are the recipient of the Over-All HIGH POINT award in the Intermediate Division, then you must move up to Advanced skill level for next year’s competition:-)


Advanced Level:  For those dancers who have had many years of experience/dance training are now executing more advanced type skills.  For example – triple pirouettes, multiple consecutive fouette turns, a variety of skillful turn combinations, a variety of leaps, switch leaps/jumps, switch tilts, and any combination of leaps/jumps are acceptable, intricate footwork, etc….  ANYTHING goes!!  Intricacy with rhythms/musicality as well as excellent control over isolating body movements and executing dynamics.

** NOTE:  ONLY those dancers entered in the ADVANCED skill level are eligible for the CHAMPIONSHIP Titles…. Youth Champion, Junior Champion, and Senior Champion!!!


TUMBLING … There is NO penalty for having tumbling skills in your solo routines.  It is judged according to the judge’s discretion as to how well it fits into the choreography of the routine and the technicality executed just like it would for any other dance skill. Routines that have excessive acro or tumbling skills should be entered in the “Open” category.   It will be up to the judges discretion if they feel the routine had too many acro skills… more than 30%… and not enough “dance” skills.

Age Divisions

SOLO DIVISIONS … Kindergarten/1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade,  4th grade, 5th grade,  6th grade,  7th grade,  8th grade,  9th grade,  10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade.

** If the age division (grade division) is too small to provide a competitive opportunity, then we reserve the right to combine age/grade divisions. 

DUETS and TRIOS … Please average the age/grade of the two or three dancers in the duet/trio when registering.  It’s better to lean toward the older age/grade rather than the younger when averaging.  But be sure to enter the correct skill level based on the choreography and skills executed in the routine.  IF the majority of the routine and skills are intermediate then enter intermediate, etc…


  1. Those studio soloists wishing to compete for the title of “Studio Solo Champion” must be living within the state boundaries of Utah and must be entered in the appropriate age division at the time of the competition.  
  2. All solo applicants must fill out the online registration which also includes a waiver of liability and release for the use of pics and video for marketing purposes of this event.
  3. Solo and Duo/Trio routines MUST be within 1½ – 3 minutes in length. There will be a 2 pnt. Penalty for every 10 secs. that the music is under or over  the requited length.
  4. Music MUST be sent to the link that will be emailed to you once you have registered.  You will receive an email from our music professional who will provide you with the link and instructions for submitting your music.  You will receive this music link approximately 10 days prior the event.  YOU are responsible to bring a “back-up” source of music for your routine to the competition and have it ready by the sound table.  There will be a 2pnt. penalty given to anyone who interrupts the flow of the competition due to not having a backup source of  music ready and at the sound table while your soloist/duo/trio is about to perform. 
  5. Music can NOT have vulgar or inappropriate words/language in it. There will be a 2 pnt. penalty given per infraction.
  6. Please make all music choices and costumes choices Age Appropriate and in good taste.
  7. There will be a $20 charge for any changes to skill level, style category, or age division within 2 weeks prior to the competition.  If it is a mistake on our end, there will NOT be a charge.  If it is a last minute change based on your request (due to registering incorrectly, not reading emails we send to you, etc….), then there will be a $20 charge per change that will need to be paid at Check-In on the day of the competition prior to the dancers performance.  You may make change requests up to two weeks prior to the competition, but after that there will be a mandated $20 charge per change.  THANK YOU for understanding the importance to have accurate information with time for us to get an accurate schedule out to everyone.  One change has a ripple affect on the entire competition order.  IF there are constant changes and last minute requests for changes, then it makes it very difficult for us to plan and organize our event for you.  We want to always provide the BEST STUDIO SOLO CHAMPIONSHIP ever!!!  Thank you for your help in this regard.


The top 3-5 solo placements will be announced in each age division AND in each skill level based on how many entrants there are in each division.

“Over-All Champions”

YOUTH Champion – Advanced level dancers in age divisions Kindergarten thru 6th grade will have their over-all scores compared, and the highest over-all score will be our Over-all “Youth Champion”!!!

JUNIOR Champion – Advanced level dancers in age divisions 7th grade thru 9th grade will have their over-all scores compared, and the highest over-all score will be our Over-all “Junior Champion”!!!

SENIOR Champion – Advanced level dancers in age divisions 10th grade thru 12th grade will have their over-all scores compared, and the highest over-all score will be our Over-all “Senior Champion”!!!

Duo/Trio High-Point Winners” – All scores from Duets and Trios will be compared and the highest over-all score will be our Over-All “Duo/Trio” High Point Winner…. There will be a Duo/Trio High Point Winner in each Skill Level., but there will NOT be an Over-All Duo/Trio Champion.