2020 Studio Solo Championship Results



Studio Solo Championship Results 2020

Youth Champion – Lucy Woodward

Junior Champion – Madelyn Edwards

Senior Champion – Nyah  Arne


TOP TEN Advanced Solo Performances

(In no particular order)

217- Lily Bruce

171- Taylor Tebbs

183- Stella Mills

211- Nyah Arne

225- Madison Moeller

191-Lucy Woodward

203- Nyah Arne

255- Sierra Willis

199- Tereza Tvrdik

253- Madelyn Edwards

Advanced High Point Winners 

Jazz:  Adalyn Dalton

Lyrical: Charlotte Krippner

Contemporary:  Nyah Arne

Open:  Taylor Tebbs

Ballet:  Abigail Robinson

Acro: Sally Ames

Hip Hop: Amirah Alhasoun

Top Duo/Trio: Savannah, Miley, and Brooklynn

Advanced Judges Choice

228- Abigail Robinson

213- Taylor Dicharo

182- Emma Jenson

Intermediate High Point Winners

K-6th Grade – Vivienne Mitchell

7th-12th Grade – Faith Christensen

Beginning High Point Winner





INTERMEDIATE RESULTS Kinder/1st grade-6th grade

    5th/6th Grade Int. Acro
2nd 43 Marina Allen
1st 41 Sicily Patterson
    5th Grade Duo/Trio Int. Character
1st 42 Shelby and Reagan Nilson
    3rd Grade Int. Character
1st 44 Payton Anderson
    6th Grade Int. Ballet/Pointe
3rd 49 Caitlin Wagner
2nd 45 Stella Mills
1st 47 Lucy Woodward
    3rd Grade Int. Hip Hop 
1st 46 Zoey Thompson
    6th Grade Int. Contemporary
5th 50 Paetyn Fredrickson
4th 48 Teagan Chipman
3rd 54 Bailee Bills
2nd 52 Caroline Evans
1st 56 Caitlin Wagner
    4th Grade Int. Ballet/Pointe
1st 51 Ava Willis
    5th Grade Int. Character
2nd 53 Adalyn Partridge
1st 55 Shelby Nordoff
    4th/5th Grade Int. Contemporary
4th 63 Jocelyn Albiston
3rd 61 Tessa Norton
2nd 59 Sophie Sheperd
1st 57 Vivienne Mitchell
    2nd/3rd Grade Int. Jazz
4th 62 Vanessa Maughan
3rd 58A Harper Scott
2nd 58 Lyla Cowley
1st 60 Ava Nordahl-Madrid
    4th/5th Grade Int. Jazz
2nd 66 Adalyn Partridge
1st 64 Livvy Broadbent
    2nd/3rd Grade Int. Contemporary
3rd 65 Elina Redzeposki
2nd 67 Zoey Thompson
1st 69 Brooke Patterson
    3rd Grade Duo/Trio Int. Lyrical
1st 68 Marina and Elodie
    6th Grade Duo/Trio Int. Lyrical
1st 70 Cosette, Sophie, and Ivy
    6th Grade Int. Jazz
3rd 75 Peyton Holt
2nd 73 Gracie Miller
1st 71 Mary Bergstedt
    5th/6th Grade Duo/Trio Int. Jazz
2nd 74 Gracie and Lily
1st 72 Brinkli, Livvy, and Marley
    3rd Grade Duo/Trio Int. Jazz
1st 76 Zoey and Klare
    3rd/4th Grade Int. Lyrical
3rd 81 Audrey Edwards
2nd 79 Ava Willis
1st 77 Vivienne Mitchell
    6th Grade Int. Lyrical
3rd 82 Brooklyn Doman
2nd 78 Lexi King
1st 80 Ava Morris
    5th Grade Int. Lyrical
5th 93 Alexus Rodriguez
4th 87 Paityn Finch
3rd 85 Adalyn Cox
2nd 83 Annie Cook
1st 91 Liv Pettinger
    5th Grade Duo/Trio Int. Open
1st 86 Elle and Sophia
    3rd Grade Int. Open
1st 88 Lillian Moulton
    6th Grade Int. Open
1st 90 Tenley Rawlins
Intermediate K/1st-6th grade Overall Awards   
  •Top Intermediate Acro Solo:    
    41 Sicily Patterson      
  •Top Intermediate Ballet/Pointe Solo:  
    47 Lucy Woodward      
  •Top Intermediate Jazz Solo :    
    71 Mary Bergstedt      
  •Top Intermediate Character Solo:    
    55 Shelby Nordoff      
  •Top Intermediate Hip Hop Solo:    
    46 Zoey Thompson      
  •Top Intermediate Contemporary Solo:  
    57 Vivienne Mitchell      
  •Top Intermediate Lyrical Solo:    
    77 Vivienne Mitchell      
  •Top Intermediate Open Solo:    
    88 Lillian Moulton      
  •Top Intermediate Duet/Trio:    
    70 Cosette, Sophie, and Ivy    
  •Judges Choice (Panel 1 Odd #’s):    
    91 Liv Pettinger      
    55 Shelby Nordoff      
    79 Ava Willis      
  •Judges Choice (Panel 2 Even #’s):    
    60 Ava Nordahl-Madrid    
    88 Lillian Moulton      
    44 Payton Anderson    
  •Top 10 Intermediate Division:    
    41 Sicily Patterson      
    91 Liv Pettinger      
    45 Stella Mills      
    57 Vivienne Mitchell      
    80 Ava Morris      
    55 Shelby Nordoff      
    77 Vivienne Mitchell      
    79 Ava Willis      
    88 Lillian Moulton      
    47 Lucy Woodward      
  Overall Int. K/1st-6th grade High Point Solo:
    57 Vivienne Mitchell      

SATURDAY RESULTS …. Intermediate 7th-12th Grade and ALL Advanced Dancers


Overall Intermediate 7th-12th grade Awards   
  •Top Intermediate Open:      
    112 Croft Erickson      
  •Top Intermediate Ballet/Pointe Solo:  
    95 Kaidence Vance      
  •Top Intermediate Jazz Solo :    
    120 Cosette Hanks      
  •Top Intermediate Character Solo:    
    97 Bailey Udy      
  •Top Intermediate Contemporary Solo:  
    132 Sydni Barlow      
  •Top Intermediate Lyrical Solo:    
    131 Faith Christensen      
  •Top Intermediate Duet/Trio:    
    101 Elle, Presley, and Alyvia    
  •Judges Choice (Panel 1 Odd #’s):    
    127 Ellie Broadbent      
    101 Elle, Presley, and Alyvia    
    143 Telani Roper      
  •Judges Choice (Panel 2 Even #’s):    
    106 Clarissa Ruiz      
    96 Star Wise      
    136 Sophie Bennion      
  •Top 10 Intermediate 7th-12th Division:  
    147 Grace Lyon      
    148 Noelle Evans      
    145 Megan Graham      
    129 Hailey West      
    104 Eliza Bjorklund      
    131 Faith Christensen      
    127 Ellie Broadbent      
    132 Sydni Barlow      
    120 Cosette Hanks      
    95 Kaidence Vance      
  •Overall Intermediate 7th-12th High Point Solo:
    131 Faith Christensen      



    6th/7th Grade Duo/Trio Adv Open
2nd 155 Brynlee, Stella, and Elle 
1st 153 Savannah, Miley, and Brooklynn
    3rd Grade Adv. Jazz
1st 154 Evelyn Archer
    9th Grade Adv. Jazz
1st 156A Lindsay Hauser
    11th/12th Grade Adv Jazz
2nd 158 Tylar Olsen
1st 156 Abigail Chappell
    7th Grade Adv Open
2nd 157 Kamryn Richey
1st 159 Reagan Tracy
    6th Grade Adv Jazz
2nd 160 Brinlee Bangerter
1st 164 Brynlee Edwards
    8th Grade Adv Open
3rd 161 Maren Marshall
2nd 165 Lily Shin
1st 163 Ava Barkdull
    7th/8th Grade Adv Jazz
3rd 166 Kamryn Richey
2nd 168 Lanie Hola
1st 170 Adalynn Dalton
    10th Grade Adv Open
3rd 167 Erin Ward
2nd 169 Brooklynne Webb
1st 171 Taylor Tebbs
    4th Grade Adv Open
1st 172 Kloie Goodman
    6th Grade Adv. Open
1st 173 Sophie Spencer
    6th Grade Adv Acro
1st 174 Sally Ames
    3rd Grade Adv. Contemporary
2nd 177 Olivia Knowlton
1st 175 Ivie Buckland
    8th Grade Adv Acro
1st 176 Kailey Millet
    12th Grade Adv Acro
1st 178 Charlotte Krippner
    4th/5th Grade Adv. Contem.
2nd 181 Alexa Valledares
1st 179 Kaya Pizza
    8th Grade Duo/Trio Adv Character
1st 180 Lucy, Aubynn, and Anneclaire
    7th Grade Adv Character
1st 182 Emma Jenson
    6th Grade Adv. Contemporary
Superior 187 Katie Johnson
Superior 189 Avery North
5th 195 Natalie Brown
4th 185 Kaysha Millet
3rd 193 Elle Kelson
2nd 183 Stella Mills
1st 191 Lucy Woodward
    8th Grade Adv Hip Hop
1st 184 Amirah Alhasoun
    11th Grade Adv Ballet/Pointe
4th 186 Rachel Stewart
3rd 192 Rachel Stewart
2nd 188 Nyah Arne
1st 190 Abigail Robison
    7th Grade Adv Ballet/Pointe
1st 194 Ivie Lewis
    9th/10th Grade Adv Ballet/Pointe
2nd 196 Lucy Johnson
1st 198 Sierra Willis
    10th Grade Adv. Contemporary
3rd 197 Anna Jepsen
2nd 201 Grace Barkdull
1st 199 Tereza Tvrdik
    5th/6th Grade Duo/Trio Adv Lyrical
3rd 204 Catherine and Ruby
2nd 202 Maddison and Abby
1st 200 Kaylynn and Taylor
    11th Grade Adv. Contemporary
5th 207 Layla Basic
4th 205 Heather Morley
3rd 209 Rachel Stewart
2nd 211 Nyah Arne
1st 203 Nyah Arne
    6th Grade Adv. Lyrical
4th 208 Brynlie Pearson
3rd 206 Bailey Royer
2nd 210 Mikayla Maughan
1st 212 Brynlee Edwards
    12th Grade Adv. Contemporary
4th 213 Taylor Dicharo
3rd 213A Callie Madson
2nd 215 Charlotte Krippner
1st 217 Lily Bruce
    4th/5th Grade Adv Lyrical
3rd 214 Kloie Goodman
2nd 218 Lilly Sanderson
1st 216 Maddison Childs
    7th Grade Adv. Contem. “A”
Superior 233 Brooklynn Belnap
Superior 229 London Richards
Superior 223 Kolby Kidd
5th 219 Amy Beth Anderson
4th 221 Elizabeth Jenkins
3rd 231 Marley Speth
2nd 227 Tessa Stringham
1st 225 Madison Moeller
    10th Grade Adv Lyrical
3rd 220 Isabelle Nielsen
2nd 224 Brooklynne Webb
1st 222 Tate Burk
    11th/12th Grade Adv Lyrical
4th 230 Tylar Olsen
3rd 226 Eleanor Russell
2nd 228 Abigail Robison
1st 232 Charlotte Krippner
    9th Grade Adv Lyrical
4th 238 Tatum Templeton
3rd 236 Ellie Green
2nd 234 Hailey Heiner
1st 240 Madelyn Edwards
    7th Grade Adv Contem. “B”
Superior 235 Jayedyn White
5th 245 Camryn Brian
4th 243 Savannah Hansen
3rd 237 Kenzie Kidd
2nd 239 Samantha Robison
1st 241 Ivie Lewis
    8th Grade Adv Lyrical
5th 242 Kaylen McCarthy
4th 244 Berkley Chappell
3rd 252 Sophie Sanderson
2nd 250 Adalynn Dalton
1st 248 Reese Barney
    9th Grade Adv Contemporary
5th 249 Breezy Hayman
4th 251 Karlie Daniels
3rd 247 Jessica Neeleman
2nd 255 Sierra Willis
1st 253 Madelyn Edwards
    7th Grade Adv Lyrical
4th 256 Aubree Bouchard
3rd 254 Kaylynn Trinnaman
2nd 258 Olivia Pjeter
1st 260 Miley Anderson
    8th Grade Adv Contemporary
5th 263 Emily Memmott
4th 259 Allie Holle
3rd 261 Saige Kemp
2nd 265 Sophie Lewis
1st 257 Ava Bagley