2018 Studio Solo Championship Results



Studio Solo Championship Results 2018

Youth Champions – Elizabeth Jenkins and Abby Hansen

Junior Champion – Nyah Arnes

Senior Champion – Dyllan Innes


TOP TEN Advanced Solo Routine Performances

10- Imani Peterson

9- Rebecca Winkel

8- Mckinnley Hansen

7- Nyah Innes

6- Olivia Giles

5- Nyah Arnes

4- Nyah Arnes

3- Amanda Draney

2- Rebecca Winkel

1- Dyllan Innes


Advanced High Point Winners 

Jazz:  Rebecca Winkel

Lyrical: Eden Collings

Contemporary:  Nyah Arne

Open:  Dyllan Innes

Ballet:  Nyah Arne

Character/Broadway:  Noelle Evans

Duo/Trio: Jordynn, Sofia, and Isabelle

Judges Choice Winners Panel 1: Noelle Evens, Jordynn Christianson, Brooklyn Barton

Judges Choice Winners Panel 2:  Ashlee Garrett, Imani Peterson, Abigail Robison 

Intermediate High Point Winner

K-6th Grade – Amy Beth Anderson

7th-12th Grade – Mya Bateman

Beginning High Point Winner

Ryder Harrison



    Kinder/1st Grade Beginning Jazz
4th 3 Kennison Faddis
3rd 5 Peyton Oman
2nd 7 Jaleah Childrey
1st 1 Ali Jaramillo
    3rd/4th Grade Beg. Character/Broadway
3rd 4 Demi Larsen
2nd 2 Tessa Norton
1st 6 Brinley El-Bakri
    4th/5th Grade Beginning Lyrical
5th 8 Jacelynn Wilcox
4th 14 Kaitlyn Thomas
3rd 10 Brinkli Kvenvold
2nd 12 Adalyn Partridge
1st 16 Kamryn Richey
    Kinder/1st Grade Beg. Character/Broadway
3rd 11 Hallee Hurdsman
2nd 13 Kaimbry Vance
1st 9 Lyla Cowley 
    1st/2nd grade Beginning Lyrical
2nd 17 Ali Jaramillo
1st 15 Presley Brooks
    4th/5th Grade Beginning Contemporary
1st 18 Halle Hunt
    Kinder/1st Grade Duo/Trio Beg. Character
2nd 19 Haven, Lyla, and Hailyn
1st 21 Audrey Edwards and Lilly Molton
    5th/6th Grade Beginning Jazz
3rd 24 Audra Stevens
2nd 22 Bloom Hartsfield
1st 20 Maya Spencer
    Preschool Trio Beginning Jazz
1st 23 Elodie, Brynn, Brinley
    2nd Grade Beginning Jazz
2nd 27 Livvy Broadbent
1st 29 Jaycie Schenk
    5th/6th Grade Beg. Character/Broadway
1st 28 Marley Speth
    6th Grade Beginning Contemporary
1st 30 Savanna Lorenzen
    3rd Grade Beginning Jazz
2nd 33 Mia Burbidge
1st 31 Paityn Finch
    6th Grade Beginning Lyrical
1st 32 Lanie Hola
    6th Beginning Duo/Trio Jazz
1st 34 Eleanore Croft and Mary Lambert
    3rd Grade Beginning Hip Hop
2nd 37 Samantha Bluth
1st 35 Ryder Harrison
    4th Grade Beginning Duo/Trio Jazz
1st 36 Paetyn Fredrickson and Katie Pledger
    7th/8th Grade Beginning Contemporary
3rd 42 Abigail Graham
2nd 40 Grace Gottfredson
1st 38 Shaylee Freeman
    7th/8th Grade Beginning Lyrical
2nd 41 Emilee Barrett
1st 39 Katelyn Burt
    7th/8th Grade Beg. Character/Broadway
1st 43 McKenna Wycherley
    2nd/3rd Grade Int. Character/Broadway
1st 44 Ava Willis
    7th/8th Grade Beginning Jazz
1st 45 Brinlee Hurdsman
    4th/5th Grade Int. Lyrical Duo/Trio
2nd 47 Eva LeBlanc and Libby Hansen
1st 49 Marlee, Gemma, and Sadie
    4th Grade Intermediate Jazz
4th 52 Audrey West
3rd 48 Sawyer Staley
2nd 54 Marlee Hatch
1st 50 Mikinlee Muhlestein
    5th/6th Grade Intermediate Lyrical
5th 55 Olivia Pjeter
4th 53 Ainsley Negron
3rd 57 Brooke Farrell
2nd 59 Madison Tripp
1st 51 Hailey Carroll
    2nd/3rd Grade Intermediate Jazz
2nd 56 Berklee Muhlestein
1st 58 Oakley Clawson
    3rd/4th Grade Int. Contemporary
3rd 64 Jada Innes
2nd 62 Korynn Peterson
1st 60 Bella Shaw
    5th Grade Int. Character/Broadway
3rd 65 Sadie Curtiss
2nd 61 Ivie Lewis
1st 63 Jayedyn White
    3rd/4th Grade Intermediate Open
2nd 66 Kayten Olsen
1st 68 Sally Ames
    6th Grade Int. Character/Broadway
2nd 67 Teagan West
1st 69 Shelby Baumgartner
    4th Grade Intermediate Lyrical
3rd 70 Adyson Knight
2nd 72 Sophie Zettler
1st 74 Brynlee Edwards
    5th Grade Intermediate Contemporary
5th 75 Isa Harris
4th 79 Chloe Mason
3rd 77 Isabella Ross
2nd 71 Jane Hawes
1st 73 Keili Hale
    5th Grade Intermediate Jazz
Superior 76 Makenna Southwick
Superior 78 Ellie Broadbent
5th 82 Aubree Bouchard
4th 84 Sophie Jane Bennion
3rd 26 London Richards
2nd 80 Tessa Stringham
1st 86 Amy Beth Anderson
    6th Grade Intermediate Contemporary
Superior 81 Aubyn Jensen
5th 91 Ryann Barlow
4th 89 Shelby Baumgartner
3rd 83 Grayden Harrison
2nd 87 Avery Kabonic
1st 85 Kaidence Vance
    5th Grade Intermediate Ballet
1st 88 Gemma Leonard
    5th Grade Intermediate Acro
1st 90 Bella Simon
    5th Grade Intermediate Open
1st 92 Georgia Dalton
Beginning Overall Awards     
  •Top Beginning Jazz Solo :      
    29 Jaycie Schenk        
  •Top Beginning Character/Broadway Solo:  
    9 Lyla Cowley         
  •Top Beginning Contemporary Solo:    
    38 Shaylee Freeman          
  •Top Beginning Lyrical Solo:      
    15 Presley Brooks        
  •Top Beginning Hip Hop Solo:      
    35 Ryder Harrison        
  •Top Beginning Duet/Trio:      
    21 Audrey Edwards and Lilly Molton    
  •Judges Choice (Panel 1 Odd #’s):    
    1 Ali Jaramillo        
    37 Samantha Bluth        
    27 Livvy Broadbent      
  •Judges Choice (Panel 2 Even #’s):    
    10 Brinkli Kvenvold        
    38 Shaylee Freeman          
    32 Lanie Hola        
  •Top 10 Beginning Division:      
    20 Maya Spencer        
    18 Halle Hunt        
    38 Shaylee Freeman          
    29 Jaycie Schenk        
    35 Ryder Harrison        
    15 Presley Brooks        
    42 Abigail Graham        
    40 Grace Gottfredson      
    30 Savanna Lorenzen      
    9 Lyla Cowley         
  •Overall Beginning Division High Point Solo:  
    35 Ryder Harrison        
Intermediate K-6th Overall Awards     
  •Top Intermediate Jazz Solo :      
    86 Amy Beth Anderson      
  •Top Intermediate Character/Broadway Solo:
    69 Shelby Baumgartner      
  •Top Intermediate Contemporary Solo:  
    60 Bella Shaw        
  •Top Intermediate Lyrical Solo:      
    74 Brynlee Edwards      
  •Top Intermediate Open Solo:      
    68 Sally Ames        
  •Top Intermediate Ballet Solo:      
    88 Gemma Leonard      
  •Top Intermediate Acro Solo:      
    90 Bella Simon        
  •Top Intermediate Duet/Trio:      
    49 Marlee, Gemma, and Sadie    
  •Judges Choice (Panel 1 Odd #’s):    
    51 Hailey Carroll        
    63 Jayedyn White        
    69 Shelby Baumgartner      
  •Judges Choice (Panel 2 Even #’s):    
    80 Tessa Stringham      
    58 Oakley Clawson        
    74 Brynlee Edwards      
  •Top 10 Intermediate Division:      
    50 Mikinlee Muhlestein      
    68 Sally Ames        
    26 London Richards      
    86 Amy Beth Anderson      
    51 Hailey Carroll        
    58 Oakley Clawson        
    69 Shelby Baumgartner      
    60 Bella Shaw        
    80 Tessa Stringham      
    74 Brynlee Edwards      


    7th Grade Intermediate Contemporary
Superior 101 Sariah Ross
Superior 113 Isabelle Alomia
Superior 99 Kyah Logston
Superior 105 Mia Palmer
5th 115 Madison Goulding
4th 103 Ava Dalton
3rd 111 Emily Broadbent
2nd 109 Jessica Neeleman
1st 107 Tatum Templeton
    8th Grade Int. Character/Broadway
1st 100 Madison Bird
    8th Grade Intermediate Open
3rd 102 Anna Jepson
2nd 106 Abi Crittenden
1st 104 Abby Smith
    7th/8th Grade Intermediate Acro
1st 108 Raegan Poorman
    7th Grade Int. Lyrical
5th 114 Lindsay Hauser
4th 112 Annabelle Briggs
3rd 110 Aubrie Barrett
2nd 116 Megan Graham
1st 118 Jaela Bryner
    8th Grade Intermediate Contemporary
5th 125 Nya Parks
4th 119 Mykynzii Wachter
3rd 117 Caitlyn Bath
2nd 121 Summer Kallunki
1st 123 Zoe Backman
    8th Grade Int. Lyrical
Superior 128 Kaydence Aragon
5th 124 Rylee Newby
4th 130 Madison Bennett
3rd 132 Tia Bloom
2nd 126 Meigan Checketts
1st 122 Faith Valentin
    9th/10th Grade Int. Contemporary
5th 129 Katie Bennion
4th 131 Summer Leoneli
3rd 135 Kate Johnsen
2nd 137 Mikayla Gasik
1st 133 Mya Bateman
    7th Grade Intermediate Jazz
4th 136 Eirelyn Wood
3rd 142 Averie Lee
2nd 140 Isabelle Strong
1st 138 Ellie Green
    7th Grade Int. Contemporary Duo/Trio
1st 139 Sophia Mason & LexusHarvey
    10th Grade Intermediate Lyrical
1st 141 Vivian Greenhawt
    8th Grade Int. Lyrical Duo/Trio
1st 143 Kelsie Brown & Starr Hodgkinson
    9th/10th Grade Intermediate Jazz
3rd 144 Madison West
2nd 148 Paige Van Wagoner
1st 146 Phoebe Justice
    8th Grade Int. Jazz Duo/Trio
1st 145 Meigan Checketts & Malia Caldwell
    6th Grade Advanced Cont. Duo/Trio
1st 151 Sofia, Jordynn,Isabelle
    7th Grade Advanced Contemporary
4th 154 Brooklyn Moore
3rd 152 Baylee Robinson
2nd 158 Ashlee Garrett
1st 156 Amanda Draney
    5th Grade Advanced Lyrical
2nd 153 Aniyah Hassell
1st 155 Harlee Ruoti
    5th Grade Advanced Contemporary
2nd 157 Addyson Meza
1st 159 Elizabeth Jenkins
    5th/6th Grade Advanced Open
2nd 161 Reagan Tracy
1st 163 Abby Hansen
    9th Grade Advanced Open
1st 162 Yesenia Gil
    8th Grade Advanced Contemporary “A”
Superior 168 Jerzie Maxfield
Superior 174 Bella Kilgore
5th 170 Kambree Guest
4th 172 Presli Fuchs
3rd 127 Tereza Tvrdik
2nd 164 Lucy Johnson
1st 166 Grace Barkdull
    6th/7th Grade Advanced Jazz
2nd 167 Natalee Burbidge
1st 165 Ava Barkdull
    6th Grade Advanced Lyrical
2nd 171 Berkley Chappell
1st 169 Reese Barney
    7th/8th Grade Advanced Lyrical
Superior 179 Camden Wagner
Superior 175 Ella Davis
Superior 183 Emma Peterson
Superior 120A Irylan Tomlinson
Superior 185 Avery Young
Superior 100A Cambre Garcia
5th 177 Mya Bladen
4th 173 Stocktyn Staley
3rd 96A Maddie Edwards
2nd 98A Kaylee Allshouse
1st 181 Abby Stewart
    8th Grade Advanced Contemporary “B”
Superior 188 Reagan Anderson
Superior 178 Matisse McMullin
5th 182 Brynlee Ruoti
4th 184 Denzyl Vigil
3rd 180 Aspen Brown
2nd 176 Abby Woolston
1st 186 Olivia Giles
    9th/10th Grade Advanced Lyrical
Superior 195 Alazaha Bartholomew
5th 189 Monica Miller
4th 191 Cambree McKee
3rd 197 Delaney Vaughan
2nd 187 Elena Wright
1st 193 Ella Memmott
    7th/8th Grade Advanced Ballet/Point
2nd 190 Kyra Stafford
1st 192 Lucy Johnson
    9th Grade Advanced Ballet/Pointe
Superior 196 Rachel Stewart
5th 198 Layla Basic
4th 202 Abigail Robison
3rd 200 Cecilia Woodward
2nd 194 Nyah Arne
1st 204 Nyah Arne
    6th Grade Advanced Contemporary
5th 201 Madi Benson
4th 199 Elianna Mulford
3rd 205 Sofia Shariff
2nd 207 Jordynn Christianson
1st 203 Cambree Snow
    11th/12th Grade Advanced Ballet/Pointe
2nd 206A Bailey Smith
1st 206 Brookyn Barton
    9th/10th Advanced Jazz
2nd 210 Delaney Vaughan
1st 208 Rebecca Winkel
    10th-12th Grade Adv. Contemporary
Superior 97A Emily Visser (Friday night)
Superior 213 Kayla Clements
5th 211 Camille Whatcott
4th 219 Katelyn Kossin
3rd 217 Cali Lloyd
2nd 209 Brooklyn Barton
1st 215 Rebecca Winkel
    8th Grade Advanced Jazz
5th 93A Cambre Garcia (Friday night)
4th 212 Aleiya Scott
3rd 218 Gabby Madsen
2nd 214 Xandrina Jewett
1st 216 Mckinnley Hansen
    9th Grade Advanced Contemporary
Superior 220A Sammy Edgington
Superior 220 Tylar Olsen
Superior 95A Hailey Thompson (Friday night)
Superior 224 Madeline Robinson
Superior 228 Rachel Stewart
5th 226 Cambree McKee
4th 230 Cecilia Woodward
3rd 232 Abigail Robison
2nd 222 Imani Peterson
1st 234 Nyah Arne
    11th/12th Grade Advanced Lyrical
5th 227 Tess McTeague
4th 221 Lexi Crittenden
3rd 99A Kamryn Titensor (Friday night)
2nd 229 Kenna Solomon
1st 223 Eden Collings
    4th/5th Advanced Character
2nd 233 Lucy Woodward
1st 231 Noelle Evans
    6th Grade Adv. Ballet
1st 235 Safia Shariff
    11th Grade Advanced Open
1st 236 Dylllan Innes
Overall Intermediate Awards   
  •Top Intermediate Jazz Solo :    
    146 Phoebe Justice      
  •Top Intermediate Character/Broadway Solo:
    100 Madison Bird      
  •Top Intermediate Contemporary Solo:
    133 Mya Bateman      
  •Top Intermediate Lyrical Solo:    
    122 Faith Valentin      
  •Top Intermediate Acro Solo:    
    108 Raegan Poorman    
  •Top Intermediate Open:    
    104 Abby Smith      
  •Top Intermediate Duet/Trio:    
    139 Sophia Mason & LexusHarvey  
  •Judges Choice (Panel 1 Odd #’s):  
    109 Jessica Neeleman    
    137 Mikayla Gasik      
    141 Vivian Greenhawt    
  •Judges Choice (Panel 2 Even #’s):  
    108 Raegan Poorman    
    126 Meigan Checketts    
    122 Faith Valentin      
  •Top 10 Intermediate Division:    
    133 Mya Bateman      
    107 Tatum Templeton    
    122 Faith Valentin      
    109 Jessica Neeleman    
    111 Emily Broadbent    
    123 Zoe Backman      
    137 Mikayla Gasik      
    146 Phoebe Justice      
    103 Ava Dalton      
    126 Meigan Checketts    
 OVER-All Advanced Awards listed at the top of the page.